Cendyn Confirms Trump Server Used by Alfa Bank

NBC's Ali Vitali (covering Trump and the GOP for @nbcnews) 
provides a statement she indicates comes from CenDyn and 
the Trump Organization, in which CenDyn acknowledges that
the Trump server has been used for a bank  to communicate with
Alfa Bank, using Meteron - a meeting sofware app. 

CenDyn states that their servers are not dedicated to a 
specific client. Yet the Internet-Wide Scan Data Repository 
(scans.io) data show that the 
hostname mail1.Trump-Email.com has been stable since at least 2013. It
did not change for three years, then did change on 
n 23 September 2016. At the time of this writing, 2 October 2016, no other hostname has pointed 
to this IP
just trump1.contact-client.com and mail1.trump-email.com. So this IP
address is associated with only that server. 


The Trump Organization states that it is not sending or
or receiving any communications and that it has no interaction
with CenDyn.  CenDynstated the reason they recreated a trump1.contact-client.com hostname pointing to this same IP address was for the Trump Organization
to use the CRM software CenDyn provides to the Trump Organization.

Linking a Domain to an IP Address

The DNS binds a human readable phrase to an IP address. A forward
resolution zone is where a machine maps the DNS to the IP
address.  A
reverse resolution zone links an IP to a DNS address. They are two
views of the same binding.

Trump, CenDyn or some other party associated with the domain sought to erase the mail1.Trump-Email.com 
host by deleting forward resolution zones.  So the domain name was
removed from the normal way one would look up a domain. However, the
reverse delegation still exists as of 2 November 2016. You can look at the
image concurrent with this writing here, and then check yourself with
the link to see if the resolution has been removed. 


This is interesting because it is unusual to take a production email server used for marketing off the forward lookup. If this were a braod marketing campaign, you would want people to click and connect to your hotel and luxury good offers. If this were used for political fund-raising email then that is similarly unusual.