The Internet: Business, Law, and Strategy STP-307

Note: All Readings for this class will be available on-line

Instructors: Jean Camp and Jonathan Zittrain

semester: Spring 2000
time: M-W 4:00-5:30
location: Weiner Auditorium in the Taubman Bldg. at the Kennedy School of Government

The emergent information economy is dazzling governments, puzzling lawyers, and enriching a new generation of barons some of them robbers. Given that governance and control are accomplished as much by the architecture of the Internet as by the laws that would purport to apply to it, can or should law rule the code? We will explore questions like this with an integrated approach from disciplines of law, technology, and business.

Issues include:

The course will feature a strong Internet-based component. All readings, the course schedule, and announcements will be available over the Web. Comfort with surfing and using the Web is the only prerequisite. Students will form research groups to engage in greater depth a topic addressed in class. The groups of students will be international and interdisciplinary, reflecting the types of problems springing from the information realm. The group project and class participation will be the basis of the class grade.