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Current Doctoral Students

Uwe Dahlman is working on SDN while completing his dissertation on network security.

Kevin Benton is on network security, with some interest in human factors. In particular, in his internships at the Cambrigde University Computer Security Laboratory and now at BigNetworks, his focus is SDN. Engineers are humans too.

Tim Kelley combines human experimentation with large scale modeling. He uses experiments to evaluate and classify populations, and then uses multiple populations in large scale network models to evaluate effective policies and points of inflection.

Greg Norcie is focused on the intersection of traditional usability with security and privacy. His experimental results have already had significant impact on the design of Tor. While at PARC, hhe has expanded his work beyond Tor.

Zheng Dong combines network security and security of home-based computing. He finished his masters thesis in spring 2010 on the topic of the marginal return for adding an individual into a social network for the purposes of recommendation systems or discorvery systems. He is researching certificate reliability and validity. His 2012 internship in Microsoft focused upon home-based computing.

Constantine Murien is our affiliated research programmer. This web site is most certainly not his work, do not blame him.

Tonya R. S. Thompson is a recipent of the highly competitive NASA Research Fellowship. Her work with me had focused on effective risk communication. First, she is working on effective risk communication to end users using narratives, where she has already developed narrative communication mechanisms. Secondly, she is working on effective communication from naive users to designers in order to enable deisgns that address the legitimate but highly variable privacy concerns of individuals.

Selective Alumni

(not an all-inclusive list)
Rui Wang
Vaibhav Garg
Debin Liu
Camilo Veicco
Alex Tsow
Warigia Bowman
Allan Friedman
Carlos Osorio
Serena Chan
Taiyu Chen
Alla Genkina
Hillary Elmore
Gayathri Athreya
Tony Moore
Brandon Stephens Sara Wilford on privacy
Sabine Schaffer on trust in the Internet
Carlos Osorio on open code
Serena Symne
Serena Chan
Brian Anderson