Current Doctoral Students

Anesu Chaora brings a mastery of organizational, compliance, and technical perspectives of security.

Peter Caven is evaluating organizational as well as individual security behaviors with a focus on securing the software and CPS supply chain.

Ambarish Gurjar leverages temporal graphs to generate risk profiles.

Xinyao Ma is focusing on combining sensing and AI for detecting and defeating fraud.

Dalya Manatova is using data science to quantify the dynamics of online trust with a particular focus on ecrime.

Laura Calloway is examining information exfiltration on personal health devices. She is comparing the perceptions and reality of personal and health information, considering both security and privacy.

Post doctoral Fellow Jacob Abbott brings his experience in start-ups and compliance to data analytics on the oft-ignored issues of environmental impact, accessibility, and security.

As a committee member, working with Viktor Zhang on design of authentication. He is primarily in HCI/d.

As a committee member, working with William Smeal, a Fulbright Scholar in Bulgaria and expert in Cyrillic languages and culture, on phishing resilience.


Shakthidhar Gopavaram evaluated human risk taking.

Jayati Dev examined information exfiltration in emerging modes of interaction.

DongInn Kim built proof that trustworthy AI does not require massive data exfiltration for secruity modeling purposes.

CI Fellow and postdoctoral scholar Tatiana Ringenberg expanded our focus to the most vulnerable on the Internet - kids. She is now an Assistant Professor at Purdue.

Vafa Andalibi has made pioneering contributions to the emerging standards for securing the IoT, particularly MUD and SBoM.

Behnood Momenzadeh focused on evaluating cryptocurrency as a human, macroeconomic, and financial instrument.

Sanchari Das completed her dissertation on usable privacy and security with a particular focus on MFA. Her background is in networking.

Gary Deckard has bridged two divides: military and academic, computer science and education. With extensive experience in operations and training, his dissertation examined the factors that lead to individual and collective success in a series of exercises and in classroom practice.

Shrirang Mare joined us as a post-doctoral scholar. He received his PhD from Dartmouth College, and his interests include security and privacy issues in pervasive computing, particularly in healthcare, usable security, and continuous authentication. He recently completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Washington.

Pablo Moriano develops innovative models and methods for large-scale networks that can help in the understanding of the dynamical evolution of empirical network data. A direct application of this approach is in the field of anomaly detection in routing data. These research efforts are multi-disciplinary and encompass contributions from computer science, statistics, and physics.

Kevin Benton is focused on the dynamics of network security in both SDN and BGP. In the past, in his internships at the Cambrigde University Computer Security Laboratory and now at SpaceX, his focus was on SDN. His work reminds us that engineers are humans too.

Zheng Dong is a pioneer in using machine learning in the service of computer security. His dissertation applied machine learning to the detection of phishing sites (using certificate analysis), rogues certificates, and banking certificates. He finished his masters thesis in spring 2010 on the topic of the marginal return for adding an individual into a social network for the purposes of recommendations or discovery, which was prescient in its design focus of minimizing risk of data compilations. He works at Microsoft Redmond.

Post doctoral fellow Prashanth Rajivan joined the team as a post-doctoral scholar. His focused on the psychology of security not only of individuals, organizations, and collaborations.

Tim Kelley combined human experimentation with large scale modeling. His implemented complex systems models that integrate human behaviors as critical variables. His research combined brain science with network science, and included designing innovative tools for mouse-tracking and eye tracking.

Vaibhav Garg on ecrime, risk communication, and usable security. His work brought perceived risk methods to the study of on-line risk, as well as pioneering applications of crime science to online crime.

Debin Liu on risk-based access control and usable security. His work included a mastery of quantitative tools combined with economic theories of security; such as applying contract theory to access control.

Camilo Veicco on Tor. His redesign of TCP in Tor reduced delay, jitter, and prevented timing attacks.

Alex Tsow on making programming easier, usable security. Alex combined programming languages with usability to make the creation of secure code easier for developers. Alex was a post-doctoral fellow after working in our group his last year in the doctoral program.

J Duncan on user-centered design, with a focus on ethical design of security experiments. He is a lecturer at IU.

Warigia Bowman on ICT for development with an interdisciplinary dissertation on Internet diffusion in East Africa. She is a professor of law.

Allan Friedman on security and privacy. By combining game theory and social network modeling he was able to examine how information flowed across the combination of social and computing networks. His work pioneered the use of crowd-sourcing and peer production for diffusion of information sharing for community security and privacy (beyond open source communities). As the Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives at National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the US Department of Commerce he created the SBOM initiative.

Doctoral Alumni, Joint Advisor or Committee

Yasmeen Rashidi
Xiaoyong Zhou on mobile security.
Rui Wang on malware and security in ecommerce.
Carlos Osorio on ICT for development, innovation, security and privacy.
Kristiina Karvonen for whom I was a doctoral opponent.
Serena Chan on reliability and hardening by using commodity computing in satellites.
Sabine Schaffer on trust in the Internet.
Sara Wilford on privacy perceptions.
Azadeh Nematzadeh on health information privacy.

Selected Excellent Masters Alumni

This includes only those students in a Masters program who have worked with me on research beyond the classroom. If I have not included your name, please contact me and give me permission to do so. If you would like to withdraw permission, please also contact me.
Hilda Hadan works on perceptions and reality of PKI and privacy on the Internet, in smart cities, and in the IoT.
Nicolas Serrano has done breakthrough work in interdisciplinary understanding of why PKI fails
Jonathan Schubauer examines the impact of regulation and organizational structure on privacy and permissions.
Sanjay Pandey has spent his career innovating for secure, reliable, and transparent use of ICTs in India.
Farzaneh Asgharpour did pioneering work applying mental models to usable security.
Ty Bross on mobile device security.
Alla Weinberg on usable security and social trust, interaction designer on on Net Trust.
Hillary Elmore on usable PGP.
Gayathri Athreya on usable security.
Tony Moore
Taiyu Chen on ICT for development.
Brandon Stephens on usable security and Net Trust.
Charles Vincent on Internet governance
Shoun Mao on ICTS for development
Mridul Chowdhury on ICTS for development
Serena Syme
Soumya Achar
Andrew C. Dingman
Kaushik Srinivasan
Emily Adams
Mehool Intwala
Preeti Hariharan
Helen Dougherty
Ken Lewis
Sonal Shrivastava
Omkar Bhide
Dakshi Kumar
Karrington Lewis
Proveen Veeramachaneni
Advait Marathe
Shreyas Kamath
Violeta Moreno
Navved Alam
Siyu Chen
Derrick Baines
Raghavendra Nataraj
Brad Tenenholtz
Pralhad Suresh Sapre
Shravan Jagadish Kumar
Xiaomeng Ye
Srivatsan Iyer
Benedict Jones
Jill Minor

REU Current and Past

This is not an exhaustive list. I include students who joined my research team, funded as part of research projects large and small, or funded by targeted programs for undergraduate research. Slowly adding links. If I have not yet included you, please let me know. If I included you and you would rather I not, please let me know about that as well.


Nadia Sabry
Shivani Sadam
Skyler Johnson
Meera Iyer
Sahar Rabiei
Joe Majors


Ashley Bochner
Shaurya Swami
Skyler Johnson
Katie Ferro
Eric Swiler
Olivia Kenny
Jonathan Cheng
Brandon Flinn


Brendan Moore REU
Annie Tompkins REU
Joshua Devon Johnson
Jack Ruocco
Trevor Owen Cutshall
Zora Streiff
Andrew Kim
Ashley Bocher


Christa Abar
Max Harms
Amanda King
David Hume
Shea Tuli
Hyeon Jung Lee
Rahil Thanawala
Joe Soellner
Jenni Munoz
Joshua Devon Johnson
Zachary Tingle
Ploy Unchit
Bingxing Wang


Yuyao Ba
Ebuka Egbunam
Tessa Imperial


Olivia Kenny
Clint McElroy
Brad Lufkin (MACRO)
Liberty Flora (MACRO)
Jared Stemper


Rachel Huss
Melyssa Eland
Yeesoo Chae
Chanel Lange-Many Penn State
Ciabhan Connelly


Caitlin Hanley
Debbie Taylor


Todd Wantz
Donovan Price


Robin Dalton
Celine Zimmerman


Lan Li
Suzanne Lein


Christopher Reinking
Keith Weisberg
Celine Zimmerman
Varun Khanduka
Zack Zimmerman


Alex Sulgrove (ETHOS)
Micheal Roche (ETHOS)
Ye Danqing (ETHOS)
Micheal Rinhart (ETHOS)
John Wayne Hill (ETHOS)
Daria Orlovia (ETHOS)
Oliver McGraw (ETHOS)
Katie O'Donnell (ETHOS)
Claire Alvis (ETHOS)
Jeremy Green (ETHOS)
Katherine Kreig (ETHOS)
Erin Widdicombe (ETHOS)
Kurt Weismann (ETHOS)


Zack Zimmerman (ETHOS)
Craig Bauer (ETHOS)
Shari Brown (ETHOS)
Lindsay Gibson (ETHOS)
Carol Ruppe (ETHOS)
Kurt Gindlink (ETHOS)
Greg Orlov (ETHOS)
Aidos Utegulov (ETHOS)
Jarret David (ETHOS)


Zack Zimmerman (ETHOS)
Craig Bauer (ETHOS)
Shari Brown (ETHOS)
Lindsay Gibson (ETHOS)
Carol Ruppe (ETHOS)
Kurt Gindlink (ETHOS)
Greg Orlov (ETHOS)
Aidos Utegulov (ETHOS)
Jarret David (ETHOS)

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